Big 3 versus Big Bluff
Concept includes replacement of CPU (Brand New Heartware) Same old petrified CPU must be used - no replacement available
Hard disk optimised - while existing data are preserved, debugged and virus cleansed Hard disk reformatted - and new fancy incompatible operational system installed - all former data deleted
Online debugging and virus protection by intelligent device "Debugging" available only in CSM (Cinderella Stepsister Method)
24 hours global online service and total backup Service limited to certain localities and no backups
Compatibility enhanced Compatibility lost
Dialogue and documentation available in most national languages Dialogue and documentation availbale only in a few strange languages
User interface in simple pictures (no mumbo -jumbo commands required) User interface intricate, complex and plainly inhuman
User managed Expert managed - operator required
Total restructuring of debts including all former mistakes Total loss of ownership
A smooth, well planned and thoroughly tested system Looks promising, but beware of unexpected and undesired long term side effects